Informations about the system

GBCT843433RC-S70 is a split cli­mate sys­tem. The set con­sists of a roof con­denser and an inter­nal rack cli­mate evap­o­ra­tor unit. It is thought for Bv206 trail­ers f.e. with 19″ rack sys­tems, USV- or engi­neer­ing com­part­ments


Devel­oped by KTS HENGSTBERGER GMBH pri­mar­i­ly for the Haeg­glu­nd Bv206 and its suc­cess­ing vari­ants, the serv­er rack clima­ti­za­tion sys­tem impress­es with its com­pact form­fac­tor, pow­er­ful effi­cien­cy and mul­ti­ply proven reli­a­bil­i­ty even under heav­i­ly stress­ful in-field con­di­tions.

The exter­nal con­denser unit is attached to the roof of the Bv206’s trail­er. The trail­er inter­nal evap­o­ra­tor unit is attached to a built-in rack.

The sys­tem cir­cu­lates the ener­gy rich air out of the rack and leads con­di­tioned air back in. Excess cool­ing capac­i­ty is used to take part in con­di­tion­ing the trail­ers inte­ri­or.


Col­or: RAL6031 F9 or HR or per cus­tomers order
Deliv­ery con­tents: 1 exter­nal con­denser unit, one inter­nal evap­o­ra­tor unit, 1 pair of coolant hoses


More infor­ma­tion regard­ing the sys­tem is pro­vid­ed by our strate­gic part­ner BAKO Sys­tem Inte­gra­tion GmbH & Co. KG


Pro­mo video

Clip intend­ed for use on indus­try trade fairs. It shows a con­cept set­up, not the actu­al devices.
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GBCT843433 - RC-S70 - Illustration of the installation

GBCT843433RC-S70 — Illus­tra­tion of the instal­la­tion

GBCT843433 - RC-S70 - Illustration of the complete setup

GBCT843433RC-S70 — Illus­tra­tion of the com­plete set­up

Split climate system GBCT843433 - RC-S70

Split cli­mate sys­tem


Item nameGBCT843433
Sec­ondary IDRC-S70
Mea­sure­ments W*D*H in mm

Roof con­denser (exter­nal)
500 * 640 * 380

Evap­o­ra­tor unit (inter­nal)
534 * 499 * 839,5
(incl. adapt.plt 534)

Weight>= 39 kg (com­pres­sor depen­dent)
Cur­rent240 V DC o.
240 V/400 V AC,
50 Hz/60 Hz
Sur­round­ing air-32 °C to +55°C
Unit is air cooled
Gen­er­at­ed cool air16 — 30 °C
Cool­ing liq­uidR134a
Cool­ing capac­i­ty1.000 W to 7.000 W
Prin­ci­pleDirect evap­o­ra­tion
Heat­ing1.600 W to ~2.450 W
Field of appli­ca­tionMobile in Bv206 trail­ers and suc­ces­sors as well as in oth­er vehi­cles
Cli­mate of appli­ca­tionDesert, trop­ics, option­al mar­itime