Informations about the system

KDV01 is an air con­di­tion­ing mod­ule for sep­a­rate­ly avail­able con­tain­er split cli­mate units

The mod­ule is mount­ed on the inside of a con­tain­er door or wall and through that con­nect­ed to the out­er third-par­ty cli­mate unit.

Its pur­pose is to con­di­tion the air with­in the con­tain­er. To achieve this it warms the air by use of its build in heat­ing or col­lects the present heat and trans­ports it to the exter­nal unit.

From there the steadi­ly cir­cu­lat­ing coolant trans­ports the now cool again medi­um back to the inter­nal unit, where it is used to cool the vent­ed air again. The air flow is done via 5 man­u­al­ly con­trol­lable air vents fac­ing inward.

Col­or: RAL6031 F9 or HR or per cus­tomers order
Deliv­ery con­tents: 1 air con­di­tion­ing mod­ule, third-par­ty main cli­mate device sold sep­a­rate­ly

KDV01 - Illustration with semi-transparent view into the container

KDV01 — Illus­tra­tion with semi-trans­par­ent view into the con­tain­er

KDV01 - Illustration with 4 mounted air conditioning modules

KDV01 — Illus­tra­tion with 4 mount­ed air con­di­tion­ing mod­ules

KDV01 - Illustration with semi-transparent view

KDV01 — Illus­tra­tion with semi-trans­par­ent view

Item nameKDV01
Mea­sure­ments W*D*H in mm907 * 554 * 230
Weight>= 30kg
Cur­rent24V DC o. 240V AC 50Hz/60Hz
Sur­round­ing air-32°C to +55°C unit is air cooled
Gen­er­at­ed cool air16–30°C
Cool­ing liq­uidR134a
Cool­ing capac­i­tyas per 3rd par­ty cli­mate unit
Prin­ci­plegen­er­al air con­di­tion­ing
Heat­ing1.600W — 8.000W
Field of appli­ca­tionSta­tion­ary, in con­tain­ers and sta­tion­ary com­part­ments
Cli­mate of appli­ca­tionDesert, trop­ics, option­al mar­itime
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