Informations about the system

Pre­ci­sion cli­mate sys­tem includ­ing humid­i­fi­ca­tion for test­ing cham­bers


Due to its mea­sures and con­nec­tion ports inte­gra­tion of the device into exist­ing test­ing and sim­u­lat­ing setups is rel­a­tive­ly easy.

The unit is capa­ble of pre­cise­ly sim­u­lat­ing a vari­ety of envi­ron­men­tal influ­ences.

Col­or: white or per cus­tomers order
Deliv­ery con­tents:: 1 unit, 1 pow­er sup­ply cable

PBCM52 – OPTIKLIMA - Precision climate system including humidification for testing chambers

PBCM52OPTIKLIMA — Pre­ci­sion cli­mate sys­tem includ­ing humid­i­fi­ca­tion for test­ing cham­bers

PBCM52 - OPTIKLIMA – transparent illustration of front view

PBCM52OPTIKLIMA – trans­par­ent illus­tra­tion of front view

PBCM52 - OPTIKLIMA – illustration of backside view

PBCM52OPTIKLIMA – illus­tra­tion of back­side view

Item namePBCM52
Spe­cial­tyThe inte­grat­ed humid­i­fi­ca­tion func­tion expands the sim­u­la­tion pos­si­bil­i­ties of tem­per­a­ture based envir­mon­men­tal influ­ences.
Mea­sure­ments W*D*H in mmab 540 * 810 * 520 — add. 230 tube port
Weightemp­ty 85 kg,
be­füllt ca. 100 kg
Cur­rent230V, 50Hz/60Hz
Sur­round­ing air+16°C — +32°C
Air vol­umeca. 300m³/h
Cli­mate range20 – 40°C
Rel. range of air humid­i­ty20% – 95%
Cool­ing capac­i­ty800W
Prin­ci­pleDirect evap­o­ra­tion
Humid­i­fi­ca­tion capac­i­tyca. 0,3kg/h
Field of appli­ca­tionSta­tion­ary in test cham­bers, labs, work­ing con­tain­ers. Adap­tion to test­ing cham­ber by 2 hoses with ∅ 50mm
Con­trol2 Eurotherm con­troller 3208 with RS232 inter­face
Avail­able mod­elsPB­CM52F12(12er fixed speed com­pres­sor)

This unit belongs to the stan­dard prod­uct palette of KTS

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