Informations about the system

Test­ing cham­ber for sim­u­lat­ed crack prop­a­ga­tion


The com­pact PK160 was devel­oped to pro­vide for a com­par­a­tive­ly easy way to deter­mine crack prop­a­ga­tion in mate­ri­als under cer­tain envi­ron­men­tal con­di­tions.

Air and water can be sup­plied as well as dis­charged to and from the inte­ri­or by use of the low­er ports. Flow con­trol is man­aged using sep­a­rate con­trols pro­vid­ed by the user.

Sen­sors also pro­vid­ed by the user can be insert­ed into the test cham­ber via the upper ports.

Col­or: mate­r­i­al white or per cus­tomers order
Deliv­ery con­tents:: 1 unit

PK160 - Custom solution - View into the testing chamber

PK160 — Cus­tom solu­tion — View into the test­ing cham­ber

PK160 - Custom solution - Testing chamber for crack propagation

PK160 — Cus­tom solu­tion — Test­ing cham­ber for crack prop­a­ga­tion

Item namePK160
Sec­ondary ID-
Spe­cial­tyCom­pact form fac­tor, view and access ports on front and back­side
Mea­sure­ments W*D*H in mm200 * 130 * 300 — add. 30 mm ports
Weightemp­ty — kg
Sur­round­ing airCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
Air vol­umeCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
Cli­mate rangeCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
Rel. range of air humid­i­tyCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
CoolantWater and air
AmountCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
Cool­ing capac­i­tyCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
Prin­ci­pleDirect expo­si­tion to the flow of water and air
Heat­ingBy water and air, con­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
Humid­i­fi­ca­tion capac­i­tyCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device
Field of appli­ca­tionSta­tion­ary in test cham­bers, labs. Adap­tion to user pro­vid­ed sup­plies and sen­sors via low­er und upper ports
Con­trolCon­trolled via user pro­vid­ed device