About the location

You’ll find us south of Rosen­heim in 83064 Raubling-Aich, in the small indus­tri­al area called “Gewer­bege­bi­et Aich”, under street adress:
Auf der Gröb 5.
Coor­di­nates: 47.46’22.2N, 12.05’41.5E

Aich is locat­ed at the road “Kirch­dor­fer Straße” between Raubling, dis­trict Kirch­dorf towards Großholzhausen.

Com­ing from Bad Feilnbach fol­low the ST2089 (Aib­linger / Tegernseer / Kirch Str) towards Großholzhausen and con­tin­ue towards Raubling, then turn left before the bridge.